Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thursday, October 8, 2009


Neill Campbell 4
Ilan Paltrow 4
Spencer Lueders 2
Mark Brown 3
Joshua Levine 5
Petra Csizmadia L4
Katie Overcash L4
Andrew Pike 5
Heather RorisonL4
Matt Chrisholm 5
Forrest Frazier 5
Ben Liang 3
Stratos Lambos 5
Rafik Betabdishoo 3
Chad Dillard 5
Jay Benoit

Friday, September 4, 2009

Sunday, August 9, 2009

What it's all about

The Big View Diner Cycling Team

The key components;

1. Participation

2. Accountability of actions

3. Feedback and development

4. Reaching out to the greater community

5. Organization

6. Selflessness

In order to ensure a team is built of people we would rest our reputation on new members must be “sponsored” by an existing team member. The sponsor vouches for that person and takes responsibility for their actions both in training and racing.

The team has a component of community service not necessarily tied to cycling six times a year. Yes, it is required to help out at a race, but we are also involved with the greater community. It could be a habitat project or as simple as wearing a team shirt while volunteering at your neighborhood clean-up. It could be cycling related, but not required.

Finally, a requirement of participation through racing and training. As we are all busy if the team requirements for training and racing as laid out can't be met, there are alternate ways to contribute in a meaningful way to the team that would suffice for participation.

Here is the guideline;

The team has four designated training rides each week. Sunday Spamerton, Saturday, former Bike Sport South, Tuesday Orr Road, Thursday former Bike Sport South. Team members would be expected to make a minimum of one of the weekly rides a solid majority of weeks.

Team members should expect to work with others in an encouraging, selfless environment.

There are twelve or so designated races per year on the team calendar where team members are committed participants of seven of the races.

The goal of these requirements is to ensure we are building a true team. Team members will have pro deal discounts on team gear.

Tentative Racing Schedule (to expand in 2010)

5/2 Dilworth Criterium

5/17 Wake Forest Criterium

6/13 North Carolina Road Race Championship

6/21 North Carolina State Games

7/11 Piedmont Omnium

7/18 French Broad Road Race

8/4-8/8 Crossroads Classics (Pick two)

8/29 South Carolina RR

9/13 Carolina Cup

9/19 Dylan Mitchell Crit

10/10 Greenville Classic

Contact any of the BVD team members to inquire about joining the team. Or contact Neill